[Q&A] What Pokémon eluded you the longest before you finally got it?

Not counting those that aren’t currently available or the regionals

Three that come to mind for me are onix, aerodactyl and electrabuzz

I finally hatched onix and aerodactyl during the Easter event

Electrabuzz eluded me the longest, I only ever saw one on the nearby but I wasn’t able to get to it. Finally with the most recent nest migration an electrabuzz nest formed about five minutes from where I work. I’ve only been able to catch two so far because it’s not a real active nest, but I hope to catch a few more because they’re decent for prestiging a gym.

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Hitmonchan believe it or not! I was so happy to finally catch one in the wild and complete gen 1 before gen 2 release :slight_smile:

It took me forever to get dragonite and tangela from Gen 1. I think it was almost Christmas before I got both. I don’t have amphorus or feraligator from gen 2. I do have enough candy to evolve both, just haven’t got a good IV to evolve.

Porygon took forever…


I had the same one elude me till the Easter event… Thankfully I got an egg that evolved into one finally!

Dragonite and Porygon still elude me…

Me too, then all of a sudden I hatched three in about a month and now I have a porygon 2 to go with it

Lapras - I only caught my first one during the water festival and since have hatched another and caught one more.

Aerodactyl we my white wale. Solved 2 weeks before gen 2 dropped.

Must be Porygon! It took me almost 7 months to hatch it, I never saw one in the wild (as probably many others), and overall, it’s the Pokemon I have seen the least since Pokemon GO launched.

Snorlax took me the longest and my partner and I as well as our friends were out and all got our first one at the same time. :smile:


Love stories when people are brought together by PoGO and friends can experience events like catching a Snorlax together.

All without the use of cheating to find it! :sunglasses:Makes the feeling much better. I don’t see how it’s fun to just know where Pokemon spawn and how long left until it despawns

Still missing dudrio and kabutops from gen1. Looking forward for event and finaly getting kabutops

Mine would be Porygon (It took an egg hatch for me add it on my DEX), Togetic (I encountered one during “The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza” it ran away and haven’t found another one. I don’t have enough eggs to evolve one either), and Onix.

Aerodactyl took me 9 months to get! And it took a hatch from a 2km egg during the Easter event to get it!

I remember having problems with Muk and Kabutops. After Gen 2 dropped, I got everything in a decent amount of time due to buddy system and smart hunting.

Chansey was my last gen 1 pokemon I found… Spent 3 weeks exclusively hunting for her!

Only managed to get a Lapras during Water Festival. But know what? Still haven’t seen a Hitmonchan. Do they really exist!!

Dodrio & Muk are the latest ones in my dex. Still need to go for scizor, houndour & houndoom for completing the non-travel-dex.

& ofcourse unown