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[Q&A] What phone do you play on?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). The game runs pretty well. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t have gyroscope​ so I can’t enjoy the AR…

I am waiting for the Pixel 2 to come out but currently i am still using my OnePlus One and it runs very well.

I know :sweat: … it’s literally EATING battery.

I bought a pixel on day 1, absolutely hated it - i wonder why you want pixel 2 bro?

Well I’m actually wondering why you hated it. I have only heard good things about it honestly.

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the bezels and PRICEEEEE was the tipping point for me. when you compare it with my main phone now which is Xiaomi Mi Mix - its half the price and 256gb storage, 6gb ram and 6.4inches screen with only a bottom bezel and no massive CHIN on the phone! value was insane.

but in terms of phone minutia:
statistically, the pixel is winning but as a user experience it didn’t feel like a an upgrade from any previous gen Android. all it was was fast and smooth and touting that camera but all of those combined is diminishing return. Any modern smart phone produces good enough camera quality for what you need and i never use the google assistant or those speeds and opimization is pretty much on par with the Mi Mix - the pixel also have a wedge design,which is more ergonomic in some cases the half glass thing on the back wasnt for me and that chin was end of it all LOL

price was massive savings when i traded it in for something bigger and more amazing surfing expereince for half the price

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Yes I do have to agree that the price is really high but what I have loved about Google phones in the past are the updates that you get right away without having to do them manually which honestly is sometimes annoying when you want the latest of Android. I have tried using the Xiaomi Mi Mix but a bigger display isn’t for me I think 5.5 is the sweet spot for me at the moment. I do appreciate having a higher resolution screen with a better display over a bigger one. That is at least how I think because everyone has there preferences. The reason I would also want a Pixel 2 is because I have hope that they will fix up the design to make it more attractive but have the performance and quality that I have seen Google have in their products.


the price was big tilt vs the value and shit yes you bring up a good point in the update department, Mi mix is stuck on 6.0 base and meanwhile pixel has the latest software easily always but i think if the design is uupgraded boi i’ll consider it - not to mention multi tasking - but man Mi MIX 2 also stepping their game up!

My simi-Trusty Samsung Galaxy note 4, has a tendency to get hot when in direct sunlight… duh. But I love it, big screen and swappable battery.

I’m still on the note 4, how do you like the S7 edge?

Love it mate… the only thing to miss is the pen of course but if you dont use it much on the Note 4 then you wont miss it. The edge functions are good and ive been using it for nearly 9 months now with no issues… oh and no risk of losing fingers to fire! :boom:

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Still recommend a OnePlus :slight_smile: the 5 should be awesome. I have OP3 and it works flawless.

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IPhone SE User. I’m happy with it, but thanks to this thread I know which phone i can buy my gf for birthday. One Plus seems to be a solid pick.

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I play on an IPhone 5s. I like Apple devices, but wish we could get promo codes and APK like android users.

I play on IPhone 5c. It does tend to have some lag issues for me, buy can work just fine.

When you do upgrade you will be amazed how much faster it will be.

Upgrading (probably to a 7) in July. Can’t wait for the smooth gameplay.

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So, what do you all think about the new 1+5?

Should be little bit more expensive then before. But nice specs.

Do you know what screen sizes will be available?
And how much it will cost?