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[Q&A] What phone do you play on?

Samsung S7 Edge - since launch


Started on a Note 4… then went to a Note 7 but this was quickly traded for a S7 Edge when the former was suddenly catching fire randomly :boom:

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I’m rocking the Pixel!

Using the OP2 currently after leaving my Note 4 in a taxi, soon to be upgraded to an S8+.
Will say though, for such a cheap phone it certainly impressed me with performance.

I use a Iphone 5 SE from work. Works fine.

First I had a 5C but that one couldn’t handle Pokémon GO so I asked for an upgrade :joy:

Motorola X 1st gen, ANDROID FOR LIFE

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At this moment I use some cheap smartphone, I bought two when the game launch (just to play), and yet I changed my main to my brother’s phone so I could use AR mode and record the screen.
AR Mode does not work for me anymore sadly.

iPhone 6 (not S :frowning:).

:iphone:SE iOS 10.3.3 public beta 1 некорректная анимация при сворачивании игры нажатием на home-button

IPhone 6s Plus IOS 10.1.1. The game runs well except for random crashes, mostly when scrolling through my 900+ mons or renaming.

Also run an additional Samsung galaxy S6 with last android update (I forget which) with my daughters account. It doesn’t run as well on this and is sometimes a bit laggy, especially when clicking on pokemon…the animation lags…you can see the frames dropping. Funny that sometimes when you get the 60fps bug it runs smoother than ever…

From level 1-24 I played on my iPhone 4S which was horrible!! I could barely do anything without the app crashing. I couldn’t even see my trainer card showing my XP when out walking or doing lures I had to be at home with barely anything around. Now I am using an iPhone 7 which is just amazing!!!

I use Lenovo A7000.
I bought it right before the game was released.
It was on sale (don’t judge me)
I’m happy with it. It doesn’t slow down as long as you don’t barrage it with apps.
Mario Bro accent It’s-a nice-a.

Huwawei P9 lite. Everything runs smoothly, no to very small amount of appcrashes.Gym has a bit lag, especially the charge move, but other then that, all fine.

iPhone 7
Runs Pokémon Go! flawlessly…while draining the battery immensely in the process.

Been an iPhone user since launch and I imagine that I’ll basically be a part of the  Apple ecosystem for life. I’ve invested too much into higher ticket applications (music creation software, DAW’s, Photography, etc.) to switch over and re-purchase.
The only complaint I have is the inability to video capture my screen when gaming, browsing, etc. Does anyone know of a workaround?

Im using a Xiaomi Mi Mix Phone - I love it :smiley:

I’ve been rocking a OnePlus One. Runs a bit hot but that’s typical.

hows the battery drain on the iphone bro?

It sucks!!! I carry an external battery charger with me everytime I plan on going hard on PG!

The battery on my 7 plus is markedly better than my wife’s 7.

This should help explain things