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[Q&A] What phone do you play on?

So you love Pokemon GO? I bet you also love your phone :slight_smile: What are you guys using?

I’ll start wth OP3 - aeseome performance. Recommend it :wink:


The classic iPhone 6S, everything works well apart from the lack of promo codes :cry:


You guys don’t have the promo code box? We play on One Plus One 3


I guess he is talking of no promo codes being released or @drossi ?

OMG i just remembered. No iPhone users dont!!! They will ahve the posibility to use promo codes over a separate webpage just like ingress users. It ahs something to do with iPhone store policy and so on.

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Apple phones dont have a promo code box because apple wants 10% of every transaction


iPhone 7plus. It was a learning curve moving to the bigger phone from an iPhone 5. Overall very happy.

Yeah, we know they are not allowed to have Promo Codes on iOS, but wasn’t aware that there is literally no box UI on iOS. Nice move Apple, really slick.


I’m currently using a iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7. Trying to be the very best here haha

Just got upgraded from 5S to 7. Was afraid of the big screen but gawd, so smooth. Feels like discovering my monsters again

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Just wait until get yourself a Plus size :smile:

OnePlus 3 all the way! Can’t wait till they release OP5 :hourglass_flowing_sand:


iPhone 7 plus! :smiley: I am an  advocate. So third device are the greatest to me.

Playing on 1+1 right now. Waiting for summer and 1+5. Hopefully it will cost less than 500€.
1+ all the way :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing on the OnePlus aswell - first the One, now the 3. Never had any reason to complain and I do recommend it to any GO player out there who’s looking for a phone to play with.

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Only problem I have with 1+1 is overheating. But that’s fixed with 1+3.
I just can’t wait for 1+5 :slight_smile:

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I use iPhone 7 to play

I’m on a LG G5 myself… It does pretty well but I do get occasional lag when training / battling gyms cause I usually have spotify running at the same time.

Galaxy S7 Edge. Works good, no problems.

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Totally found the same. I’m on a 7 Plus and it was a bit of a jump as the throw feels a lot different. I like having a bigger screen though :slight_smile: wouldn’t go back. Still can’t imagine playing on an iPad sized device tho :-/

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I’m using Vivo Y55 which is pretty okay.