[Q&A] What game changes would you like?

How would you like to see the game change? Leave the upcoming/major changes to other threads. What kind of minor changes would you love to see that would make the game more fun/enjoyable?

I’ll kick it off. When looking at your pokemon I’d love to see an option to reverse the sort. It’s a pain sorting and having to scroll all the way to he bottom to see the reverse order.

I’d also love having a few more characters in the pokemon’s name. Just not enough room to be descriptive…


I support both of those changes. Have thought the same myself.

I’d like too see type sorting as well. Either that, or a custom folder we could create outside of the main sorting.


The ability to take photos with your own pokemon.

So you can take photos to wild pokemon but not with owns?

Apart maybe the option to add friends in the game and make smalls groups?


i legit just want trading and im happy 5eva

Just some ideas:

  • I would like to know what gym my mon is in.

  • And it would be nice to turn the volume and music off by default. or have the abilty to do that.

  • And change the nearby/sightings system. Why not let us choose what we want to see?

  • I would love to see my buddy walking next to me.

  • I don’t want entries in my pokedex from mons that I haven’t got but only seen in a gym

  • Sort mons by type.

  • More space in storage/bag


Al that plus:


*one time change of teams

*way to sort Pokémon by generation


I thought a “do not see” list would be awesome… I’m just never going to want to catch a Venonat


Preset Gym Teams

Search function in the Pokedex

Candy total when you are attempting to catch a wild Pokemon

Sortable by candy totals


Like @Mystic said, I’d love to be able to set up Gym teams before going into fights. It just makes sense and would save a lot of time.

I’d also love to be able to change Movesets using candy. For example, trade 50 Eevee Candy to get a new Moveset for my Flareon (completely random).

Some additional sorting options for your Pokemon would also be pretty helpful, for example, being able to sort your Pokemon inventory according to types (fighting, psychic, water, etc.).

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PVP would be real nice but I have to agree with all the ease of use fixes people suggest so far, even the search function is helpful or better organization

When an egg is ready to hatch, I’d like a choice of whether or not to hatch it in the moment or wait. It’s so frustrating when you are trying to catch a pokémon, or spin a pokéstop, but you have an egg (or a couple eggs) ready, so you have no choice but to hatch it/them which causes you to miss the pokémon catch.

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I’d like to see Gyms in the order of entry by Pokemon, not by CP. This would help stop sniping as those snipers would sit at the bottom all the time, plus it’s fairer to those who put in the early work. Would also help those who are lower level but work hard in battling, rather than rewarding the higher tier players with more coins they don’t need :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard this idea before, but now I love it! I’m not as far in the game as other players yet I still put in work at gyms and take down big gyms and put in my lower CP Pokémon than what you normally see. That would be a great feature I think.

I’d also love to be able to change Movesets using candy. For example, trade 50 Eevee Candy to get a new Moveset for my Flareon (completely random).

I like that idea!

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Id like to see another way to raise a pokemons CP i hate that you have to use candies to do it.There’s not really anything too crazy that spawns around my area i may get an occasional bulbasaur or something but its mostly caterpie pidgy weedle and that sort, and i’m sure there’s many others who get the same. so when i hatch say like a larvitar from an egg it would be nice to have another way to raise its cp. My Idea was to maybe have npc trainers Rarely show up around the map that you could battle and they could raise your cp by one level up or, maybe even gym battles if you win with a pokemon its cp could go up by a level which would get more people involved in gym battles.

Be able to sort my Pokemon by Candy so I can quickly see who I can evolve.


Better Egg tracking

More coins for Gyms


I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this already, but in the battle lobbies, I’d like the ability to tap see the pokemon’s info and movesets (while waiting to enter a raid or when just viewing the battle party). This makes it easier to organize the pokemon that you will use in a raid. Currently, tapping on them will just bring up an option to replace them with another pokemon.

Also, I’d like the option to switch to another pokemon after defeating one pokemon in a gym battle, where it shows which one will come up next.

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Be able to clock up mileage/kilometres whilst phone is on standby so we don’t need to keep screen on

That’s already possible.

An in-game raidmap within a 15km radius.