[Q&A] Stardust investment - how do you do it?

What Pokémon should we be investing our stardust in to?

I would wait if i was you. why? you don’t want to waste all your stardust without knowing what Pokemons are getting a boots or new moveset


Personally I only invest stardust into good IV Pokémon (at least 90%) that also have a good moveset.
So just in general Pokémon I know I’m going to battle with.


I have yet to power up any Pokemon. I’m currently waiting to see how this gym rework/PVP updates changes the meta game

Last few months only invested in 100% IV Dragonite.
Waiting for that gym rework to see what up.


Gym re-work going on soon. Moveset are possibly going to change again. Wait for the gym re-work then decide.


Definitely wait for the gym rework to come! I am currently not spending any stardust since Niantic might balance out moves and Pokémon again.

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I have a very bad habit of spending stardust instantly :joy:

Anything that is 91%+ and relevant in current gym meta gets shown some love from me, regardless of the rework I can’t see these pokes ever becoming so irrelevant in the gym meta that they weren’t worth the investment… Even my 98% Lapras that used to be 2901 CP pre nerf can get through 3 3100+ CP Dragonite solo and it’s now only 2551 CP so is still more than viable for something :slight_smile:


At this point with the looming gym rework I’m focusing on diversifying my top defenders, but really it’s anyone’s guess. I would just focus on your favorites. That way you should be too mad if the gym rework is different that you expect.


I am trying to wait patiently but sparingly powering up defenders to place in gyms, if needed. Gotta keep up with high cp, so i’m not on the bottom of the gym.

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Why would they change the movesets of the Pokémon, that seems very weird as they’ve already messed with the CPs and didn’t touch the moves

I ll recommend you to spend stardust on dragonite, gyarados, vaporeon with more than 90% and with the best special moves. Could be a nerf in the next update so others pokemon could be the new meta.

I’m holding fie ATM, see what rework brings. I feel like with restricted types in the gms wil mean more need for different mons to battle them.

If you look online Gyarados doesn’t even rank with DPS of other Pokemon. I would do Dragonite, Snorlax, Vaporeon, Exeggutor, Joleton, Lapras, Blissey, and Tyranitar.

I refuse to use to use my star dust until we have pvp. I will figure out then who it is we will really need beefed up. And i also think we need like an offline mode where we can train our mons…for example training for an hour gains 1% IV increase

I feel personally that if niantic doesnt live up to this gym rework hype i will start to look for another game. All my friends have quit and dont play anymore…im a lone wolf. Niantic needs to do something to get people back in.

I’d like to think that I strive to conserve stardust, but I’m afraid that would be utterly untrue…

I’ve spent insane amount of stardust. Let me try to do a conservative estimate:
4,131,100 (from 41,311 pokemon caught, 100 stardust each, not counting 2nd/3rd form)
3,267,000 (from 2178 eggs hatched, estimating 1500 stardust per egg, on average)
140,000 (from daily’s, about 7,000 stardust per week for 20 weeks. I don’t know how many weeks the daily reward system’s been running…)
I think I’m forgetting the double-stardust event…

So, basically, I’ve “earned” at least 7.5 million stardust. Now, I barely have 300k stardust…

I guess you can say Ima big-time stardust investor… lol ^_^;
Well, at least some of my mon look pretty spiffy. ;D

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I like this idea! It reminds me of the original game. You pick the Pokemon you like and you make them amazing. I miss that so much! I realize this game is a different animal, but I wish there was a little more of that included.

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Wow what you are brave to do that math! I’m afraid I might feel a little sick when I think about how much I have spent on Pokemon that got nerfed unfortunately.

I tend to hang onto my Stardust. One time I was getting pretty close to 1 million so I held on long enough to reach that goal. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo when I reached it, so I had to reach it again so I could take a photo. Haha! I am hanging on to my Stardust until the gym rework happens. I am praying I get a chance to really power up some of the Pokemon that I like the most as opposed to the ones that control the gyms right now.