[Q&A] Portable Chargers

I have one small portbable charger. It doesn’t quite give me a full charge. I’m looking in to buying another one. Anyone have some good recommendations?

We’re using the Anker PowerCore 10k mAh and it’s really wonderful - sturdy, reliable, has fast charging, really nice. The price is reasonable.


I use the same one it charges ur phone very fast compared to other chargers.

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I have a OP3 and I’ve been using the OnePlus Power Bank
since August 2016. It has never let me down so far and it gives me about 3 full charges.

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I use the mini squid portable charger. It has double charger slots and lasts me about a day and half

I have a Incipio battery case. Most of the time that’s all the extra power I need without having to carry around another portable charger.

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I recently bought a new brick… Only used a couple of times so far but it seems to have been a great investment :slight_smile:

I have that one too, it’s a great charger.

I’m using an “Anker Powercore+ 26800mah” and can’t fault it one bit.
I have my phone plugged into it all the time I am out the house and don’t experience any overheating etc.

Also really handy to only need to charge it once every couple of days.

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I use this one…it’s quite big but very durable…it still fits in a pocket nicely… It has 2 fast charging USB 3 outputs and charges my iPhone 6s plus fully about 3 times before needing charging. It also comes in handy if my s6 needs some juice at the same time s the 6s plus.

Ive had it around 8 months with no problems and would highly recommend to anyone.

It’s probably overkill for most players, but I use this one:

Portable Charger RAVPower 22000mAh Battery Pack 5.8A Output 3-Port Power Bank (2.4A Input, Triple iSmart 2.0 USB Ports, Li-polymer Battery) Portable Battery Charger For Smartphones Tablets – Black [Amazon]

I sometimes pokemon 6+ hours, and it would still hold 3/4 charge after that. Many a times when my son pokemon with me, it would support 2 phones 3+ hours, and still hold ~1/2 capacity.

I use Anker brand one! I can vouch for good product, I own their USB hubs, portable speakers and the portable charger - very recommended

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I may get a new portable charger, my gets about a 1-2 charges, its a small one i got froma friend. I was wondering if people have gotten and tested solar panel chargers and if those work well, cause i was thinking of getting that over the traditional ones. Does anyone have experience with a solar panel charger?

I’ve been using an Anker for about 3 yeas now - can’t remember which model but I do know it’s no longer around. I’d go for another of theirs with no hesitation. Used it successfully with Google Nexus 4, LG G3, One+ Three, and iPad Retina Display (3rd Gen), some times both the iPad and a phone together (mine has two ports, one optimised to each architecture).

$49.99 very quick charging to your device 3.4 amp charging speed

how about quickcharge 3.0 in car charger ? can charge your two devices at the same time. it’s really a great deal,

Definitely a bit late, but i’m currently using a Ravpower ace 22000 charger.

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