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[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?

@GreekGammer everyone comments on my dust :joy:

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who wouldn’t hahaha it’s over one million

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My best Flaffy :smile:


one of the beauties from GEM 2 :ok_hand: @jamzijai13

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Yes she is I want to get a 100% Flaffy so I can use my dust to max the beauty out.

finger crossed :stuck_out_tongue: btw what is her stat? 15 / 15 /14 ? @jamzijai13

I don’t know how to find that out :joy:

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I have a bit of a 100% collection… I would say it’s about 50/50 between hatches and wild catches.


7 Seaking, Crobat, Parasect, Wigglytuff, Victreebel, Flareon, & Tauros

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I have at least 52 100% iv Pokémons :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably a few more, but i guess that’s pretty good :slight_smile:

edit: sadly there are not all in one spot so can’t screenshot, and also 8 of them are Gyarados

edit2: 100% IV not cp… daaa

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what is the best way to establish the IV of our pokemon via iphone

I have Gyrados, Arbok, Ariados, Shuckle, Magcargo, Pikachu, and Gligar
Gligar and the Slugma were hatches!
Magikarp was at the Pike!

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Charizard, Fearow, Lickitung, Seaking, Tyranitar

I’ve done okay. Took me 6 months to get my first but now I have several: 100% Pokémon:
Squirtle - Hatched
Sandslash - Hatch egg from Las Vegas
Nidoking - Wild Nidoran caught at Menards
Machamp - Hatched 1st ever
Tangela - Hatch egg from Cabelas
Goldeen - Hatched egg from Las Vegas
Gyarados - Magikarp from water event
Omastar - Wild water event
Crobat - Hatched egg from Las Vegas
Hitmonlee - Hatched egg from Las Vegas
Flareon - Wild Eevee caught???
Gengar - Wild caught at Walmart on ice cream run for pregnant wife :grin:
Venusaur - random wild caught Balbasaur


I have a 100% Pikachu. He’s level 81. I am the Pokemon Master.


There’s a Pokémon Go Hub IV caluclator Where you have to manually enter values. Same with the PokeAssistant IV Calculator.

And then there’s PokeGenie you can download - you take a screenshot of your Pokémon and upload the picture into pokegenie and it reads the values automatically to calculate

Happy IV checking!! :slight_smile:

I love that you know how you got them too :smile:

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I hatched a 100% iggilybuff, then I evolved it to jigglypuff, next: wigglytuff

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I am level 34 and have only 4 100% IV Pokémons:

  • Fearow
  • Ariados
  • Persian
  • Rhydon

This is for everyone there is an app on iOS I don’t know if it’s on good]gle play but it is called poke genie it is by can Jin

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