PvP Strategy Discussion

With PVP on the way. What will your strategy be to prepare for PVP.

Get your counters ready many Tyranitars and Blissy and all those BIG gym Friendly bosses are gonna be in PVP.

I guessing my team will consist of:
Mewtwo x4

and will change depending on who i am battling and how PVP is.

What will be your PVP team? Are you excited? Where did you here this? well ill answer that…:sob:youtube since i barely seen anything from this article on PVP: https://pokemongohub.net/post/news/john-hanke-confirms-gen-iv-pvp-pokestop-submissions-and-level-cap-increase-are-coming/

BUT seems we can have a slight PVP hype!

  • My gym team will be my pvp team
  • Pvp team changes depending who i fight
  • No team just my favs
  • Ima troll with ditto and stomp
  • Ima troll wit 6 MAX MEWTWO
  • Ima troll wit Max CP legendaries
  • I am READY! PVP 2018!!

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Legendary on pvp? :joy_cat:

I’m guessing that in PVP they won’t let you repeat Pokémon


why not?

You cant do that in the main games either

So you want no legendaries in PVP? i would want them allowed.

Well, I imagine there would be a limit, probably only one legendary.

Me too

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Different leagues maybe?


How would substituting work? Without a significantly different system, battles would look like this:

Trainer A: Charizard, I choose you!
Trainer B: Blastoise, I choose you!
Trainer A: Hey, wait a minute. Charizard, come back. Venusaur, I choose you!
Trainer B: Hold on. Blastoise, come back. Charizard, I choose you!
Trainer A: Venusaur, return. Blastoise, I choose you!

And so on.

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switching cool downs of 15-25 seconds

Maybe, but I think you might have to set a fixed order?

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Am thinking either a CD for switching like 30 secs. No duplicates.Dodging is also a factor as its unlike the main series and could either help or be really annoying ingame pvp.

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I am guessing 1 pokemon per party so no duplicates.