PvP Speculation

Let’s discuss about future updates related to PvP that you hope will happen
I hope in the future you will be able to get Pokecoins for doing trainer battles like in the main series games.


I agree…we need more than 50 coins per day
I feel that if the leagues had regional leaderboards which rewarded coins at the end of each day, that would be good as well


Oh, wonderful. Now I’ll be excluded from getting coins too if that happens.



Under 13 account

Damm…how old r u?

Niantic’s website says in the future they’ll release friendship and trading to everyone

According to my acct I’m 11 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ve told told the story a few times what has now turned out to be very unfortunate ending up with that account. I’m not going to keep repeating it.

If the they haven’t put a parental waiver in PTC already, I cant see how they are going to change it down the track. That should have been part of the whole roll out of Friendship no after so much ground has been lost by the unfortunate ones that choose PTC and filled it out honestly over Google.

Dang…and you are lvl 40!!!

50 Mil Total XP even.
Just a little bit to far in to start all over again.

PVP IS OUT! Released!

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Android or iPhone?
EDIT- Yes it’s on iPhone!!!

I updated and got new loading screen but no pvp :slightly_frowning_face:

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Also got new hair colors

PvP likely won’t be activated until tomorrow. This is the foundation update needed to have it.

Are you also level 40? It will be prioritized to level 40 and later rolled out in tiers.

Level 33

You may be getting it later in the day then, probably in the evening. Usually, it will be exclusively for Level 40 first, then the next tier is high 30s, then 35, and so on.

New hair colors are funny
light blue
light purple
Brownish orange
light pink
dark pink
grayish white

also is it released for level 40?

Not yet. I don’t think it will be activated until 2 PM MST.

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I also don’t see new skin colors