Pvp release date

Challenge Rules:
Choose a day you think pvp will be rolled out!
Good luck!

  • December 12 (Wednesday)
  • December 13 (Thursday)
  • December 14 (Friday)
  • December 15 (Saturday)
  • December 16 (Sunday)
  • December 17 (Monday)
  • December 18 (Tuesday)
  • December 19 (Wednesday)
  • Later (for the optimistic minds :slight_smile: )

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@UltraInstinct841 great minds think alike!




What time zone shall apply?

Lets say it’s 14th December American time, people in Australia who voted 15th December could still be correct.

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Its “today” in pretty much all parts fo the world, my gurss is 1PST 12.12.

Then that would be 8am 13th December my time.

The point wasn’t so much about the date, but time zone.

It has not long switched over to 13th December here.

Yeah sorry, was reffering to the time I made the second comment, dont know why

@digitaljdl updates usually come out at 1pm my time. Whatever 1pm PDT is for you… :sweat_smile:

i say rn…:crazy_face:

Maybe in 6 minutes then.
Btw update is out for IOS :wink:

I just updated game

Mine is getting updated after school, which starts in 10 minutes

Probably will happen like the trading: starts at 1PM PT (9PM GMT) on Friday to level 40, on Saturday will drop to level 35 in the middle morning, going down to level 30 during the afternoon and evening. By Sunday morning, it will be for everyone over level 10.

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Jaxxon8’s hasn’t updated yet, but he’s already at school.

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I’m at school also. No idea what to do so on here.

I just checked his phone and update was available, so I did it for him.

I think it was just forced.
Tommorow/Today will probably be released.

In an hour is my guess


Mmmh, at least not here…

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We’ll get them next time

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