PvP Idea! How it should be done!

Hi Everyone! Its been long! PvP has been hyped up again. I saw so many Ideas on YT and Twitter so I want to chime in.

First lets talk about the Cons of some other ideas I saw.

1)I think PvP based on Gym/Pokestop location isn’t going to work well. Some places don’t have much of those(gyms and stops) so I don’t think its a good idea. Plus, why do we need to go somewhere specific to fight? If its for a tournament, sure but for fun, no.

2)PvP involving a friends list or in-game chat would invite unnecessary toxicity into the game. Besides that, its kinda dangerous as it will be so easy for people to lure other people to unwanted place.

Anything else? Please tell me!

My Idea

My idea is simple. Remember that Niantic has the QR code scanner in-game for people to check in for events like Go Fest and the Pokemon Go Stadium event? Use that!

How? Lets say there’s two people that want to enter PvP battle, this is how my idea goes

  1. Trainer1 would go to a new in-game menu with PvP selection button and click on that button. There will be 2 choices;

Option 1: Generate QR code

Option 2: Scan.

This trainer should choose option 1. A QR code will be generated and it will be displayed on the phone screen. It will expired after 2 minutes and if the trainer leaves the game in any way(even minimising) the code will expire automatically. Another QR code will be needed.

  1. Trainer2 should do the same but this time, choose option 2. Once option 2 was chosen, the game would go to QR code scanner mode and all the trainer have to do is to scan the QR code on Trainer1’s phone

  2. After the scan, the Trainer2 will be taken to a lobby much like the raid lobby. Trainer1 can now choose to enter lobby or wait. This will enable more trainers to join as there should be 2v2 or 3v3 PvP mode too. For now, Trainer1 should press the ‘OK’ button that appeared right after Trainer2 entered the lobby.

  3. Trainer1 has the power to choose battle mode and set battle settings (obviously both trainer can discuss this as they will be there physically). Both trainers have to click ‘Start Battle’ to start choosing their teams.

  4. The battle will start when both clicked on ‘Ready’ button right after choosing Pokemon. It could be team of 6 or it could even be a team of 2 Pokemon. Ot depends 100 on the trainers.

Thats it. What do you guys think about this? Let me know!

P/s I’m on my phone. So its quite limited in terms of how much I could do with this. When I have time, I’ll make this a fully written article like how I used to do. Good to be back!


Some great ideas, the QR code option would add some extra functionality into the game and could even be used for private raid lobbies.


Its a good idea, i also made some ideas in this list for pvp: KingQ07’s ideas to improve Pokémon GO


Thats right. A lot easier then the one we got now

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Great ideas! But for now, I want to focus on PvP as we are, I think, getting it very soon (my guess around June or July)

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