PvP idea (discussion allowed)

Today, i thought about PvP and what will be launch and i thought something totally new:

A new mode in PoGo called Pokemon Go Competitive (like this)…

In this mode, we will introduce PvP, and it will run like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale.

So, when we want to battle, there will be a Button called “Seek Battle” and we will battle with someone strange.

We can battle single, double or multis (1 person), double (2 persons) and multis (3 persons)…

There will be rankings, who will the best of the world and so, we can have Pokemon Go WC, turning this game an Esport…

Do you like it?


Multi is 2v2 Mons and 2v2 players, doubles is 2v2 Mons but 1v1 players, I dont really understand your formats
And I dont think you can make an esport out of this combat system

Agreed. With a better battle system this is a good idea.

Finding random trainers is best, but niantic probably gonna do it how trade is which actually sucks alot.

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Multi is 3 pokemon vs 3 pokemon like B/W/B2/W2…
Double could be 1 plaver vs 1 player with 2 pokemon on the battle or 2 trainers vs 2 trainers…
Multi could be 1 player vs 1 player with 3 pokemon or 3 players vs 3 players

Awesome idea its pretty good.

Multi is 2v2 players
Doubles is 1v1 players

PVP should introduce a Turn Based Battle System instead of tapping 10,000 times and swiping 500 times. :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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At that point why not just play the main games

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Yes, Pokemom GO is a community game that is very different. If people like the main series games so much then why not just play them?

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