PVP Guilds / Clans - Discussion ( Team vs Team )

clans / guilds . 3 trainer pvp best of 3 each trainer has to win 1 battle. Or in the case of 5v5 the first to 3 wins

rules are agreed on before battle like mon restrictions or type battle or whatever.

Each guild will have a max of 3 to 5 members.

General rules are a normal pvp. Every Guild/Clan War Battle is a challenge from 1 team to the other where both teams decide to agree on the rules or not. Rules can consist of Legendary or No legendary, Pokemon restrictions, Type battles, or whatever idea is come up with in the challenge.

1 point will be given to the winning Guild/Clan

Accumulated points at the end of a Team season will be counted and title of that season champions arr given.

No longer are you working alone, get your Guild/Clan together!


Like that idea


It’s a cool concept.


Is this on hub plz

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If it is me you and @bobbyjack8 and @Mew1, @HLAJR should make a guild

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I think @Pokemon, @Cup, and @5GodLink are the only ones here I can remote fight. @Jormdeworm will be bit of time before we can.


Two of the people you you can battle will be easy to take down one of them will be a challenge do you know which one

Pretty sure it’s the one that plays even more than I do. I just had to open a bunch of presents this morning because I was running low on pokeballs. I noticed I still have a bunch of friends from foreign countries that I’m Ultra Friends with but they don’t post here or go by another name.

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Yeah he is level 40 and we suck lol


Don’t say we suck you never know people gotten lucky before



Is @HLAJR at NA?


I’m at APAC…