PVP dmg vs Gym dmg

Are PVP and Gym dmg different? It feels as if i do more dmg with quick atks, Even if i was just to stay still in a Gym battle. Even the way charged moves deal damage seems crazy in PVP.

Do you rather PVP damage or Gym damage?

  • PVP damage
  • Gym damage

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Yes, I’ve got my butt kicked with quick attacks last 2 weeks.

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Yeah it works good

I actually like the gym dmg. Maybe even in a gym revamp they can make the opponent “quick atk more” it seems they don’t really.

I am sure PVP and Gym mechanics/stats are different. It seems so…atleast. Especially super effective dmg. I believe it was increased alot for PVP.

they raised the effect of super effective moves overall. the reason it feels like they didn’t in gym battles is because pokemon placed in gyms have a buffed defense rate.