PVP Battles : Will you battle a spoofer?

As i was on my grind trying to farm as much stardust as i could a thought came to me. It occured that when PVP is introduced , ex-spoofers and current spoofers will also try to battle. Would you battle a person that was in the A/C catching 100% IVs instead of sweating for that one 81% larvitar? Lots of questions come to mind.

It is definitely something to think about, but either PVP being a hug overhaul in itself, there could be something they use to fix it. But if they dont, i wouldnt want to play PVP and get rolled by all 100% lvl 40 pokemon.

I guess one solution is that you could only use pokemon of a max level as your opponent.

Battle only possible at the lowest Traniners level is a good idea.

I for one will vet any trainers that want to battle.
Look at thier pokedex

1). 100% Pokémon will always be > lower IV pokemon at the same level
2). As a legit player at level 40 and having ground several million stardust in the course of playing I would be a bit frustrated not being able to use my beasts at full strength although it would add some fairness to the equation.
3). I’ll take on all comers although I’m only interested in sparring with my friends.

i don’t know tbh. i had to wait so long for my 100 larvitar, which i of course spent 200k stardust on. legit players always have the short end of the stick here i guess

I know it is not the best solution, cause it would shaft the players that did put in the time to get lvl 40 and strong pokemon. The solution would have to be more complicated as there is more factors in making sure spoofers are the only ones badly affected. Plus who knows if spoofers will even play, we dont even know if there would be a reward system that would insentivise the spoofers who would do it nonstop to get ahead.

i wouldn’t battle a spoofer since he would had all that OP Snorlaxes and Dragonites with max IV

Why would you even get into a battle with spoofer?

Unless PvP was a location/Bluetooth based Thing, it would be nearly impossible to know who was who.

You meet with somebody, tap something on PoGo and battle them
random battles would be pointless

I would fight against anyone just for the thrill of fighting with my dragons, although I sincerely hope that the spoofer will be eliminated from the game until then to see battles without any advantage or disadvantage.

Advantage like longer playtime?
Or a better location?