Push notification for pokemons return

I have an iphone 7 and i had turn on push notifications for pokemon’s returns from gym but i don’t receive any notifications when pokemons return to me… Someone have my same issue?

Not only you, experiencig the same thing :confused:


Make sure that you have notifications turned on for the app in the Settings app. Head to Settings -> Notifications, and make sure it is enabled for PoGo. It might be worth turning them off completely for PoGo, then turning them back on to see if this fixes it.

Push notifications are working fine for me!

Nothing to do… i have all settings on… i tried also to uninstall and reinstall pokemon go. Nothing change… I saw notifications only two times from the gym update… Does notification appear only if you not reached the 50 daily coins limit?

I get in game notification when my Pokémon need candy or get knocked out of gyms. I’m also on an iPhone 7. I have put of game notifications turned off, so I’m not sure about your specific issue.

I don’t get any notification whatsoever - not when motivation is low, not when pokemon are kicked out and not when my pokemon are being attacked…