PTC down again?!?

Is PTC down again?! This is getting ridiculous now!

If you keep having problems, log in with google

My account is with PTC though, I can’t use google to log in if it’s PTC

You can, just add the google account
Once you get to log in, go to settings, find the GAccount, add it
Now you can log in through both google and PTC

@Necrozmadabest, this is solution for the next time, in the moment we can’t go to the point, where we can connect our account as well to Google

Btw we can’t login to do that this’ll is ridiculous I’ve kissed 4 raids so far because of this and so many shiny chances an I could not complicate the quest to catch normal types because weather changed and all disappeard so o got another rubbish zapdls at 1 min past midnight just before went down again

Same old PTC down story different day :roll_eyes:
So frustrating as I was so close to Golding my 100th Gym. Went to throw Fruit Salad in hope to finish it off and found my big Blissey that was full power an hour earlier was home.
Got in the car for the 15min drive to the Gym only to find I could not log back into my acct.
The Wife’s account is a Google login and that was fine and I was able to see that some trainers on the same team have shaved the Gym to put their own in .
Needless to say I’m :rage::rage::rage::rage:

6 hours now, and nothing moves…

Well, let’s be rational. We have a very bad behavior… as if PoGo has to be available for life-sake.

There’s life outside, family, friends, other games… I can be without Pogo :grinning::grinning:

But it’s not nice… I’ve made plannings for this weekend, there are moments where it’s more easy to concentrate in this game; and they are taken away…

Just logged in for 1st time today

Guys, seriously, asign a Google Account

If you cant login you cant assign an account. I will now

And I havent said otherwise

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I found this on Go Hub. Maybe it’s useful

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YEs i have done It now I can login on either

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