PSA: Dortmund Update

As of right now virtually 90% of people here are having connectivity issues, i was able to play for 1/2 hour then my game crashed and now i can’t get back in. The majority that can get in that i’ve spoken to are using Google accounts on Android, but hopefully Niantic fix this soon! There’s a lot of us here and the humidity doesn’t help either :crossed_fingers:t2:
People are in one of 3 situations:

  1. Able to log in and play fine
  2. Able to log in but can’t spin stops and gets constant errors
  3. Not even being able to log in

Edit 1: For whatever reason using an Incense causes the app to crash and freeze for that Incense’s duration. Just another bug, but one that’s locking many people out of the game atm

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I was asleep for the past 7 hours (work, nightshift) but i have 250 angry whatsapp messages in our groups wich i have to catchup. Just heared from a fellow player who stayed home that alot are already on the way back.
I guess its good for the bonusses. i expect them to be unlocked either way now, and maybe even corsola global to make up for the issues.

I started to stand in line at the park at 7.45h and I gave up at 10.45h because the line hardly moved and I still had no cellular service. I feel sorry for the people behind me (about 10000 people). I don’t think they got in before 12.00h.
As frustrated as I was, I decided to go to Dortmund center. Best decision ever.
I had to leave around 16u30 but I still managed to get all the Unown I needed, Corsola (new regional for me) and plenty of Ralts and Larvitar candy. No shiny though
I’m content afterwards, but this could have been so much better…

The main problem was that most of the main auto parking is at the left side of the park. Because of this also the area where most of people were standing in line. Around 10.15h they started to spread out the people to the other entrances beneath the park. My friend and I went to check it out. By the time we got there we realized we had to stand in line behind 5000 people again…I hadn’t eaten since 5.00h, I wasn’t feeling it.
That’s when I decided to turn around and head for the center of Dortmund.

I’m really happy I did. Because I heard from the rest of my raid group, that did got in from the other side, they had lot’s of issues with the cellular service inside the park, from time to time simply unplayable…

Plan for the next time:Start in the city, move into the park/mall/whatever for the last 2 hours

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