Prof Willow "special" spawn

I’m one of the lucky chosen ones to test out the free gift box and the daily spawn by prof Willow.
It started with a good one, Woobat. I’ve only encountered one so far, so I was happy with that spawn, setting my hopes high for maybe a personalized (looking at your typical habitat etc) spawn with mons that are rare to you.

Day 2 gave me a Venonat, followed by a Sparrow, Drowzee, Horsea and now a Diglett.
None of them were usefull, so I have to reset my expectations.

How is this spawning thing going for you?

I dont even notice them anymore because they are essentially a random spawn I think, just like anything you find in the wild (bar nests)

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I do not have a daily spawn, but I do see the daily free boxes.

I personally don’t see any use in Woobat, so I’m glad I haven’t gotten him yet.
So far, I’ve gotten:
1 Snover
1 Lileep
1 Ekans
1 Meowth
2 Alolan Geodude

Cat got a golett. Mine have all been trash.

I’ve seen daily free gift box but not spawn.

To whom getting daily spawn: how do you indentify them within the rest of spawns?

I was told to be in the choosen group, but I don’t notice nothing.

Have I to do something to trigger them?


@bagguille this is what the Daily Incense Spawn looks like. It’ll stay at the same place for the day.

Did you get a notification of Professor Willow? If that’s the matter than you should have a Daily Incense Spawn, too.


Mine appears between 12.01 and 12.03am every day.
Never had to do anything to trigger it.

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Willow appeared once out of nowhere, but i tapped the screen to open gym and the message was gone. I keep a “live pokedex” so the extra Woobat came in handy for that purpose. Today it was Sentret, who is allready terrorising the neigbourhood along with Patrat

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Thanks, today I will start to open my eyes more carefully.
The problem is, that I have about eight spawns continouisly around my house, so identifying which is the “special one” is not easy.
Maybe I have to ask a friend without this special spawn, if he can’t see one that I can see…

It’s the one with the big white circle. I can try to show the difference but I have no spawn points close to my Goldeen.

The Goldeen is the Free Daily Incense spawn.

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I imagine it will be in the morning in the first screen you see. So I have to wait until tomorrow to indentify it.

Many thanks, folk, tomorrow I will tell.

Correct, and most of the time the “free daily spawn” will appear right underneath you

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Got a shiny Shellder once from it.

It’s the barboach in that disturbing position


Yeah, thanks to all, this morning I have seen it. The unique circle and the position between my legs have helped to identify it. From now on it will not escape. Sadly this morning it was a boring Cacnea…

I really don’t want a Cacnea between my legs to be honest


what about ferroseed?

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