Problems while connecting gotcha

So on my old phone i stared using gotcha because for some reason go+ doesn´t like him. Now the old phone died and i bought a Xiaomi Redmi 5A , and now its vice versa-.- Go+ works(tested with a friend’s go+) but gotcha doesnt(i have it now cuz i sold go+ ). Is there any way to connect this? ;_;

Sorry about the trouble. I have a gotcha but I have only used it with Samsung Galaxy phones. I had an S6 but the game was really slow and sluggish. I upgraded several months back to an S8. With both, though, I never had a problem with the gotcha working but there are times I have to close the game, turn bluetooth off and back on, re-open the game and re-connect. What do you mean the gotcha doesn’t work? Does the phone “see” the gotcha–i.e. Bluetooth settings? Have you checked under FAQ?

on gotcha and go+ i need to pair first before i open the game and add it , go + works there, but gotcha keeps spining and doesnt connect

For me, I never paired it through Android directly but through the game. Go to the link in my previous post, click FAQ, and read the part about “My Go-tcha will not pair with my device” (make sure you start fresh by having Android forget the gotcha). I don’t own a go+ but follow the steps in that FAQ. It is how I paired it with my Galaxy S6 and S8.

Its working for now xD
I was able to connect it but sometimes it crashes(normal), what i done was: Remove the gotcha from game, clear cache and restarted the phone, after that pair as u said and it worked


Thanks for the update. Yeah, unfortunately, you will continue to have crashes like that. I don’t know if it is the OS (Android) or programming–i.e. it is like the game doesn’t handle multitasking that well. The game is much more stable if I do not use my gotcha. Still, there are times when I touch the screen (to select a pokestop or a gym) and the game freezes. I have to close the game and sometimes the Android message appears. I still have issues where the game will not connect to the gotcha the first time. The 2nd time, though, it always connects. Anyway, again, thanks for the update.

Do you use this?

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So I managed to get mine to re-connect after going into (phone) settings - bluetooth - go plus - unpair, and then re-pairing through pogo - it’s like the phone wants to connect/pair with it, and won’t let pogo talk? something? weird - works find on my pixel etc.


Is it fixed now?

Aside from the game being buggy - lots of PoGo+ players complain as well, I find that when it times out (after an hour) I normally can’t reconnect for about another half hour - don’t know if it’s the gatcha or android.

I have noticed on my old Nexus 4 if I just spin stops it’ll keep going for an hour, if I get it to catch it drops the connection after about 5 minutes.

One side note - which leaves me suspicious as to how the catcha is made, I have two (long story), which I sync to both phones - each phone has only been synchronised to one phone, yet some times they will connect to the other. I think they are cloning a single image, including BT serial/WWN.

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