Problem with Hub’s new front page design

That’s a snazzy new design alright… but on my phone (iPhone X) there is no link to the forum when viewing in portrait mode.

Only when I turn the screen to landscape does the banner with the tiny text links to the database, discord and forums appear. Can someone pass this info higher up the food chain and get this sorted. It took me ages to figure out this workaround and actually get to read the forum this morning. Cheers.


Wow you’re here FAST

Oh the top menu is not displaying? Wasn’t aware of that. Can you send me a screenshot @celery so it’s easier for me to debug? I don’t expect to make this page today, since we’re under tremendous load due to GO Beyond update, but tomorrow is likely.

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Cant even find the link of the forum on the front page

Yeah the top menu disappeared somehow, it’s a bug on my end. It will be up tomorrow

I’ll send you my screenshots on discord in pdf form

@apavlinovic No link even in landscape mode now… but I see you’re already aware. Hope it’s fixed tomorrow :grin::crossed_fingers:. Cheers.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 15.42.34

Pushed a change for this. Should be appearing now on most pages, depending on whether or not they are still cached. Give it some time, it will appear everywhere


Is it fixed for you as well @celery?

@apavlinovic Yes it’s fixed for me. Thank you :blush:

There is still no link in portrait mode but I can easily access from the dropdown menu behind the 3 horizontal lines. Cheers.

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