Problem of hackers in Pokemon Go

@JoshHack’s Pokemon Go account was hacked in the past 3 days. The hacker has spoofed in his account so that @JoshHack receives a black pop-up in the account. Under the estimation, @JoshHack will eventually lose his account in the next 2 weeks. This is a problem we should pay attention to. Time to fight against the hackers but not just sitting behind. 1 like = 1 support to @JoshHack (I will give fully support to you inside my heart, @JoshHack)


Sorry to hear this but how’d it happen? I can’t see how anyone can hack someone’s account unless they knew the person’s login info.

They used some program that tests out every possible username/password combination and, unluckily, mine was the one this person got.

Josh, is your account PTC or Google based?

It’s a PTC account, a bit of a bad decision now that I think about it.

Just So Everyone Know What I’m Talking About…

@JoshHack, out of interest if you Trainer name is the same as your PTC Login name it would have been a lot easier for whom ever to specifically target your account as all they would have needed was to use the random generator on your password. If that’s not the case they got very lucky and you got unlucky.

What standard does Niantic adopt to ban accounts. Not all spoofers get banned as I know.

A friend got the same message for using a 3rd party IV checker that logs into the account. It was a 2 week softban.

Well, let’s wait 2 weeks and see then.

Yoshi is depressed by Niantic :cry:

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Tell us the result of being hacked on this topic if you want to.

Fine. You will make an appearance in Super Mario Odessey 1 month later. You are always my favorite character.

I just received a reply from Niantic (finally), and it goes:

As long as you’re abiding by the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and the Pokémon GO Trainer guidelines, there should not be any reason for concern.

Please note that once an account is flagged for having used unauthorized third-party applications, it will continue to receive the warning message for a duration of time regardless of any corrective measures.

That is a small extract of it

Niantic should get rid of those dumpy hackers, they’re the main offenders.

As long as they hacked into your account, you were considered as a spoofer.

Could you spot the hackers?

These hackers are getting worse every day. First the spoofers, then the botters, then the gym botters (so annoyed when i can’t put anything in after taking over the gym) then the account hackers. Niantic should really get to work on these people
I guess ptc accounts are a lot more vulnerable than google ones tho
@JoshHack but doesn’t the app lock you out after like five wrong attempts or something?

I don’t know how it works, but I know that there is a bypass to that limit. It’s probably another computer program that allows them to keep trying combinations.

oh, i see. hope the hacker gets caught or at least stops being a nuisance soon.

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What are hackers meant to do? Destroying others account, stole player account, spreading virus through Pokemon GO etc. Among all the public enemies, I think hackers is the most destructive one.

The problem is that most things nowadays (just in general) are digital. Someone with very little computing experience could hack a Twitter account if they wanted to.
In terms of the game, we need a better anti-hacking team, or just stronger Account security.