Problem catching groudon with iphone X

Hi, i’m playing pokemon go with an iphone X. I have no problem to catch pokemon quite far from us such as zubat, abra, exeggcute, shuppet… but with groudon it s impossible to touch it. The ball seems to be slowed down by the phone and it doesn’t follow my finger till the end. The ball falls too early and never touches groudon. A friend has the same problem with his iphone X. I tried with another phone and it was perfect. Do you have this kind of problem with the iphone x?

Me too. This sucks. Needs to be fixed.

I lost a Groudon 100% because of this bug, so upset^^. I hope it will be fixed soon, i wrote about that to niantic support. I’m a french player and a friend of mine who also bought the iphone X has the same bug. Good luck for Groudon :slight_smile: ( bug is also on some pokemon such as spoink).

When this happens we should get a free raid pass. I’m not raiding anymore until this is fixed.

I lost 10 or more raid pass i bought myself, but i’d prefer being gaved the 100% Groudon i lost :wink:

If it’s fine on other devices is this not Apple’s problem with their latest flagship phone not Niantic?

It was working last week. It broke with the latest release of the game. Besides it is up to app developers to make sure there apps work on all devices.

Same here… the pokeball only reaches groudons feet.

The same problem happens to me. Impossible to throw balls towards Groudon with iphone X. I lost at least 5 groudon due to this problem. It wastes my raid pass. I’m now using my iPhone 6. It works perfect with iPhone 6 / 6s. niantic should fix the bug and return our raid passes.

Thanks for the answers. I’ m relieved to see the bug isn’t happening only to me. Yesterday i was playing with 3 friends and we found a lapras. They all tried to catch it with my iphone X and they had the same problem: the balls reached lapras feet but didn’t touch it. The bug is the same for Groudon. You can send the ball as high as possible, it’s slowed down by iphone X and it doesn’t follow the finger, so it falls down at the middle of the screen and can’t touch a pokemon quite far from you. I wrote 4 times to niantic support ( french and US) but i get no answer till now. I spend money in that awesome game and it would be nice if niantic could do a little something for those who lost some pass bought with money. I’d preferer being gaved the groudon 100% I lost because of the bug rather than some pass. Since 10 days I have to play with 2 iphones. The 6s for raids and I take back the X to hunt.
I hope you wrote about that bug on niantic support so we would have more chances to be heard.
Thanks from France :slightly_smiling_face:

I was very much depressed since switching to iphone X! My balls could hardly reach Groudon! I start to hate Groudon for being so difficult. Although I have to do some adjustment in throwing the balls because the narrower and longer screen , but Goudon is just way too much to take in anymore! Finally, I decide to take a look around about other people’s experiences for capturing Groudon by using iphone X, and realized, that I am not alone. But is there any way to resolve this problem? Groudon is leaving in 4 days!!!

I have the same issue and I too have missed a few Groudons on my iPhone X I’ll be switching back and forth between phones just to catch groundon

Hi, did you try catching Kyogre with iphone X? Do you have the same bug as Groudon ?
I m still playing raids with iphone 6, I haven’t try yet with iphone X.