Pro Tips for new and experienced trainers!

A place to put some lesser known pro tips, post things that you have learned that has helped you, and just general advice for new and experienced trainers

Whenever you are fighting a team go rocket member, you can switch your Pokemon out and directly after the switch happens, the team rocket member will stop attacking you for a short amount of time, which can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing with harder bosses, such as Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni.

Yep. There are some tradeoffs to that; but you’ll get a pretty quick experience of those after you’ve done that switch in a few battles.

If your battle plan includes a quick switch like that, make sure the one you want to switch to isn’t the first in your team, or you won’t get the 2-second advantage that you’re seeking. (in other words, put your first attacker SECOND on your team, so you can switch to it right away.)

Win a battle against a Team Leader at Master League level daily - it usually gives 500 stardust, but sometimes items like a sinnoh stone or rare candy.
Also, battle another trainer 3 times each day - 500 stardust each battle (sometimes 1,000) or an item again. You don’t need to win the battle.
An easy 2,000 stardust each day.