Preparing for Safari - Copenhagen

Hey guys

Here are a few thoughts about how to prepare for the upcoming Safari event. These are my personal thoughts and plans, but feel free to comment and add your own.

  • Stock up on Ultra balls!
    Even if you have a Go-tcha og Go+. There will be a lot of Chansies and Larvitars that you want to catch manually, so make sure to stock up. My own personal goal is to have 400+ (currently stocked 367).

  • Stock up on Pineapple berries.
    I’ve been tempted to use them for stardust during this event, and have been doing so for quite a bit, but now I will start saving. Chansey and Larvitar candy is more essential, and pineapple berries will go great with some ultra balls.

  • Walk off your current eggs.
    Empty your bag so you’re ready to hatch the special event eggs. I hate not having an egg rolling, but I rather go without it for a couple of hours, than not being ready to hatch those good IV Larvitars and chansies. It’s important to get as many as possible, you won’t have any use of the loads of candy you scrap together doing the event, if you don’t have any with good IV.

  • Clear out your bag as much as possible.
    You will not need potions or revives, and will need the space to collect new balls. Doing the event you will get plenty of these items, so don’t worry. You will be able to bash your enemies again when you get back home. I suggest only keeping max potions and max revives.

  • Transfer pokemon before the event.
    Depending on your amount of space, you should think hard about this one. You don’t want to transfer something you will regret later, but you need to be able to catch loads of pokemon at the event without having to spend precious time sorting and transferring AT the event. It’s so much more convenient to check IV and do the transferring afterwards.

  • Get your batteries and powerbank on “lockdown”.
    Make sure to have juice on your powerbank and bring extra batteries for your go+.

  • Bring a raincoat or an umbrella.
    You may not be able to get a good connection in the mall. That may force you up on the roof. Let’s pray for a “shiny” day :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Be sure to have a few pokemon placed in gyms.
    You need a place to throw the Nanab and rassberries you collect. Might as well get some gym-badge-xp while you’re at it. Remember, you’ll be spinning stops for the whole day, so you will need to clear your berries every once in a while. I suggest you have some in your local area, so you can make some progress getting those gold badges.

Let me hear your thoughts and feedback


During the Paris Safari Zone I also noticed the following things:

Don’t stop walking! The malls are so small and you will encounter the same spawns throughout the mall.
So don’t be anxious to miss something. You will get plenty of candy anyway.

Concentrate on the really rare spawns: Chansey, Larvitar

Only use pinaps on Mareep if you still need the pokedex entry.

Don’t waste time on Magicarp and Pikachu (unless you still need the medal). A shiny check is enough.
It’s a myth that the chance to catch a shiny increases the more you catch.
I had people walking with me with <500 Magicarp who caught 3 shiny Magicarp during the event only by checking.