Premier balls rewarded after a raid

I have found this on rediit and the link to the article will be down

It should also be noted that Premier Balls are only for capturing Raid Bosses, and any spares will be discarded once the capture is over.

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I like the hint that team affiliation could make a difference since it seems that taking raids on with players from your own team awards more premier balls, thus increasing capture chances.

What’s your source?i have watched trainertips reversal and mystic7 and they All identify the balls as being similar to poke balls in the use and effectiveness.

In the games, Premiers are equal to Pokeballs in every way aside from design. It’s unknown whether or not this will remain consistent in GO. NianticGeorge has posted on reddit that extra Premier balls will be discarded after a raid boss encounter, so no hoarding will be allowed.

From the man himself:émon_go/dj4bvyx/?context=3

Kind of like Safari balls?
Will be interesting.

I wonder, when trading comes along, if item will be tradable for pokemon. Like balls, evolution items, etc…

I doubt it, that would encourage multiple account abuse.