Potion's measurement values

Does anyone know the value of a single Potion? And, how many Potions equal the use of a single SUPER Potion? And, how many Super Potions equal the use of a Hyper Potion?

And - building on that - when you are reviving a pokemon - how do you read the yellow/green bar? At what point do you determine when it would be best to use regular, Super or Hyper and even Max? Of all these, Max seems to be the most obvious but I would still like to hear thoughts from other players. Thx!

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Potion heals 20 HP
Super Potion heals 50 HP
Hyper Potion heals 200 HP
Max Potion heals all HP regardless

The Math:

It takes 3 Potions to surpass 1 Super Potion
It takes 4 Super Potions (10 Potions) to heal the amount of a Hyper Potion

One thing to do is become familiar with how much HP your Pokemon will have. Generally, all you really need is a Hyper Potion or two. The exception will be Blissey mainly.


After you get over level 30, you won´t be needing that, since you will already know the HP of each poke you use. Most of the times, just think on how much space you have on the bag. Many many times, using 3 potions will be a storage space opening, instead of using a single super potion. Same thing with the Hyper vs super (that will get 99% of the poke full HP, until level 35). When you get the Max Revive, you will be sending revives into the garbage can…

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Thanks to you both - this is SUPER helpful. I am Level 37 and the space tip is definitely a help!