Potions becoming very rare?

I noticed my potion stockpile has been declining lately so I decided to try and monitor it and of approximately 100 item drops from pokestops I got exactly one regular potion. Probably 70% balls and the rest was berries

Ive asked others in our local discord and they have noticed the same thing. I think this is niantic trying to push raids even harder, but I think this will likely result in less gym turnover

I have seen the same thing, more balls, fewer potion drops. At leasr locally I have not seen it affect gym turnover.

This statistics is conducted by a Chinese website. It shows the items dropping %.

Here is the link: http://kikinote.net/131719
This is new latest update of items dropping rate. Yeah the rate for potions are pretty low at pokestops.
The left column shows the items dropping rate at pokestops and the right column shows the rate at gyms respectively.

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Spin gyms and your problem will be solved. I’m currently drowning in potions.

I kinda like having more pokeballs over potions. I am in a rural area so we don’t do a lot of gym battles and not a lot of raids as there is only 10 gyms in a 10 mile stretch. I get enough potions and etc to keep me afloat between raids and battles but I also have enough pokeballs that I can just catch everything that pops up without worrying about running out.

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I only keep Max Potions and Max Revives. Everything else gets discarded so I have more room for Pokeballs.

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My opinion is another marketing idea by Niantic to force players to play that little bit more to go grab stops or whatever way you like to obtain items. Less potions = more time played = more data spent. :frowning:

I think you guys are crazy I always throw regular potions away to make room for chances at better potions

Is this from just Pokestops or from Spining Gyms as well?
Over a few weeks ago I notice a change in the drops where I was getting mainly Balls from stops and Mainly Berries and health items from Gyms. I haven’t watched it closely recently but from discussions on my local Discord this seems to be the case for others atm also.

Some people did a study or something.
Pokestops now drop far less of Potion and Revive
Gyms now drop far less of Pokeball and Berry.

has this been resolved yet? really hard to raid legendary or gym without those potions.

even level 5 raid didnt bring any more heal potion.just way too many gold berries

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No, nothings changed.
The secret is to not let things get excessively low.
We have 4 accounts in the family.
At some point in time the kids and my wife’s account have run low on 1 particular item weather it be a particular colored ball, revives, potions or berries.
One of the kids is low on Ultra Balls. All four of us will spin the same stops and Gym and 3 of us that don’t have a low Ultra ball issue keep getting them and the one that is low doesn’t.
The wife’s is low on revives and she gets hardly any from Gyms and smaller drops after raids compared to the other 3. Some of us are deleting the excess above 75 while hers keeps hovering in the 30-40 for the past 3 weeks.
The game AI is smarter than we give it credit for and it gives you plenty of what you already have and hardly anything of what you really need when low on. It’s all geared around making you play more/longer to get what you need.
I rarely get into the cant get enough problem zone as I use a Go Plus and can spin way more Gyms and Stops than they do and I have worked out some good reliable ceiling limits that maintain a constant supply. This however gives me no bag space to stock pile Rares and I’m constantly running at a full bag.
My bag runs around these numbers:
75 Revives, any more than that I delete back to 75
90-120 Ultra Balls
80-120 Great Balls
Whatever space is left for Red Balls. It gets as low as 40-50 using the go plus but I never have space for more than 140.
290-320 Maxi revives, when this starts getting up over 310 I started using a few.
280-320 Maxi Potions
0-30 Super Potions
I delete most Purple and Orange Potions. I will use reviving after a Raid if I get any.
90-130 Pinaps, these are always thrown at Chansey, Small Snorlax, Dratini, Dragonaire, Lavitar, Pupitar and small Tyranitar and Dragonites, any surplus is used for remote feeding.
20-30 Nanabs, any more and they get used for remote feeding
30-40 Razz, any more and they get used for remote feeding
100-120 Golden Razz, any suplus gets used for messing with people trying to take Gyms or know ball breakers if the CP is high.
Rest of the bag is made up of Lures, Lucky Eggs and special Evolve items which I only keep 5-6 of. I don’t use incense so don’t carry them.
It’s become and art balancing the bag and having enough Red Balls to let the Go Plus catch whatever it wants. I have to turn it to stops only sometimes to control the bag limits.

i only got 1100 bag capacity, 900 alone filled by rare candies. i havent got the damn invite yet,so life pretty depressing atm

Why are you hanging onto that many Rares?

for mewtwo if course :sweat_smile::weary:
i already reached 1k if i didnt transfer it to my larvitar candies

Im having trouble getting hp recovery items and revivals, im going to test your theory about the game giving you more of what you have and less of what you don’t, i have over 750 pokeballs 20 great 20 ultra. 0 potions 0 great 0 ultra 40 max. 20 revives 20 max. Will dump all items that i dont want keeping what i do always higher and see what happens

Ok i did 51 stops got 106 pokeballs 17 great balls 9 potions 3 super potions 1 hyper potion. I think its just the drop ratio and not giving me more of what i have most. I may have to stop taking gyms and focus more on raids

Yeah same here in Germany. Maybe after the catch event when we all ripped through our Pokéballs they want to give a chance to restock. But honestly I want more potions.

but this was not considered as a problem, no one mentioned it in the new update?