Post your XXS Pokémon

This thread is used to post your collection of XXS Pokémon in for those among us who collect them. You can post your XXL Pokémon collection here.

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I’m not keeping these - they’d take up too much storage space for a start - but they do seem to be everywhere at the moment…

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This one made me laugh so hard. I caught this Regice just now, and it’s about 3 feet tall and WEIGHS ONLY TEN POUNDS!!

I’m dying from laughter, and it’s a 98% to boot.

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Yeah, I was worried that they’d make sizes a new addition to every event, which would have been exhausting.

They either heard the majority of people’s apathy about it, or they were just using the first few as a test run.

After getting countless, “It’s huge!” I got my first “It’s tiny!” during Community Day yesterday. I thought I had encountered another bug until the animation popped up.

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Are we fed up of seeing these yet?

I take them when I find them, but usually forget to share them here. So far I’ve kept them all because they seem to be getting better stats at some point but things as Yungoos and Pikipek will probably eventually go to the professor.

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Please insert your own smutty remark :wink:


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Is the game trying to tell me something with all these undersized euphemistic Pokémon? :rofl:

“Oo… er… missus - I must apologise for the size of my purple snake” :flushed:


A wild grass field appeared!



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My silver Balls may be tiny but my Weewee is HUGE!! :partying_face:


Too many things sticking out of my small balls.

Fomantis had something to say. And it looks like it’s quite disturbed because of it.

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Another funny 3-foot fully-evolved tiny Pokémon.

My pork is tiny

Microscopic mushroom tip :wink:

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If they want us to collect these, they need to make a DEX for them, or at least give a way to SEARCH for them in our bag.

There presently appears to be NO SUPPORT functionality for collecting XXS or XXL. :roll_eyes: