Post your shiny catch-rate quotient

Let’s see who are the luckiest and unluckiest Go-ers at the Hub.
Your “shiny catch-rate quotient” will reveal how many Pokémons you have to catch to bag that elusive shine-ster!
Here’s how you do it… simply divide the total number of critters you’ve caught by the number of shinies in your bag. Examples of where to find these numbers below…

My numbers are 79,428 collected divided by 250 shiny
Equals a shiny catch-rate quotient of 1 shiny in every 317.712 catches.

I don’t consider myself particularly lucky so I reckon many people will beat that. REMEMBER: the LOWER your number the luckier you are!

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47.978 caught divided by 215 shinys is 1 in 223.

Little problem with this: I have traded and transfered shinys. So that number isnt totally accurate.


Ooh, there’s loads of problems with it… like shiny-checking and not catching… the date you started playing in relation to when shinies started, trading… etc. etc…

I just chose those numbers ‘cos they’re easy to see… there’s barely any scientific basis to it… it’s just a bit of fun :wink:

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Only 117 of these are Shiny.

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0.0001% and that might even be too high.


I often trade away my Shinies for Dex entries, or throw them away if they’re too common like Community Day Shinies, so my quotient is higher than this:

134 Shinies / 121584 Total = 0.001%. That’s one-tenth of a percent.

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About every 90-91 Pokemon is a shiny.

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51198 Pokémon caught, 224 Shinies in my bag (contains traded ones though, but I’ve also traded away and transferred).
And I have played long before we had such a thing as shinies…

That’s approximately 1 in 228,6 - about 0,44%

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I could be one one of the front runners for the worst luck with this one.
I always thought my luck was poor and this just about confirms it.
Before I post the numbers below I’m in a bit more of a unique position than others to get fairly accurate number for the following:

  • I have not been able to Trade away Shiny as I couldn’t not Trade up to 3-4 weeks ago

  • I do not Shiny Check, I catch em all.

  • I have not transferred any Shiny. I was awfully close one day to trimming back but didn’t

My Shiny Catch rate is 1 in every 626
141656 Caught - 226 Shiny

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356/77650 : 0,0046%

as stated by others this is kinda flawed. I transferred a ton of shinies a while back (Many CD day shinies noone wants + others), and traded several back and forth.
Also, i hunt with the Go Plus a lot, which drastically lowers my catch medal with it’s 50% catch rate and thus increases my percentages. Only way to solve that is by adding all your pokedex ‘seens’ but even then you’ll miss the transferred and traded shinies.

Still fun to see.

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Being that ive transfered at least 50 shinies (but really have no idea how many) due to several community day catches that were terrible ivs, this doesnt work for me

Been pretty fortunate on the shiny front, especially with Sunday’s Rayquaza hour, where my senior trainer captured 6 bosses out of 7 with 2 shinies, and my junior trainer captured 8 out of 8 bosses with 2 shinies – giving shiny rates of 28.5% and 25%, respectively.

(Overall rates for Rayquaza after a month of raiding as many as I could were far closer to what Niantic announced for the event’s shiny rates – close to 1 in 17.)

I’m in similar situation as @NotanotherKangaskhan, no pure shiny check and have not transfered any shiny, only traded shiny for shiny. My rate is 220/89526 = 0.002457.

Looks like I’m leading this race comfortably for the worst rate :grinning:

31,550 Pokemon caught, 159 shinies = shiny catch rate 198,43