Post your Shinx

Post your Shinx and it’s evolution line.

Still deciding if to evolve iv96 or wait for a shiny.

iv 96

got another 93 iv 14/14/14



Had a Golf game yesterday that had me driving from one side of the City to the other to get there passing a lot of Gyms on the way. I left early giving myself so Raid time if I saw a Shinx or Giratina.
Saw 3 Shinx on the way up and 1 on the way home so did them all :grinning:
None worth getting excited about.


Did well finding 1 on the way to CD and 4 in 40mins on the way home.
Can find them atm but can’t get s great one or Shiny. Hoping to get a few more to cash in on the double Candy.


I got one.

One day left now to cash in on Candy and hopefully get a really good one and/or a Shiny. I wont be so keen to use Premium Passes once the double Candy is gone.
I found one on the way to work yesterday morning making #12 Raided. Drove around for 2hrs after work and could not find one. Discord chat for them was quiet too.
Saw one in a Gym before I did my first one so my Seen Caught will be tainted forever.

I still need to get Shinx

Not sure raid boss will change after 1pm PDT on Nov. 1, only one and half days left.

I’m planning on getting 1 tomorrow. I’ll have my son’s phone after I drop him off at school and get him one too.

Is Luxray good?

Have no idea about any of those. Shinx line just looks like Pokedex filler.

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Just seen 2 Shinx raids so far, witch I couldn’t get to on time. Is it just rare here or everywhere?

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I saw 2 the other day but I saw 0 today

I have 1 Shinx right now. Also a Luxio that was Weather Boosted when I caught it.


caught a 100% yesterday from a raid, i got lucky for once. Me happy little PoGo-er (for the time being)


I evolved one Shinx and did a raid yesterday for #2 Shinx

Did a heap on the way home from work. Still nothing worth evolving. Will be a long wait now as I’m not chasing them for only 3 Candy.

Just got first one!


Got one this morning. Neat looking critter. Not sure it was worth it, but I raised its attack/defend rating in Pokegenie from C/D to A/A with one charged-TM.

(Using the TM meant keeping it without evolving it, I guess.)

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still no shiny and no better IV. Best 96