Post Your Ralts Community Day Success or Fail

Post your tales of woe or the great success Ralts Community Night or a Day was.
Did you get all the Shiny you want for both Gardevoir and Gallade?
IV great or just the usual not much use for anything?

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7 Shinies but none have good IVs. Don’t really care because I got some decent normal ones I can power up at a later date.


Apart for missing 20mins for a flat battery the Night was better than most CD for me with 7 Shiny with a mix of Male and Female.
No great IV with the best one being 91%. I haven’t seen a > 91% at a CD since the all Dec 2018 when I got a 98% Dratini.
143/145 with 7 Shiny was the final was up.


It was quite an amazing day today. Eight Shinies, but the big ones were these:



I found one wingull, but I transfered it so I cant show you.

Isnt this a duplicate topic?

Anyhoo, it was a great succes for me

I was not able to play the full 3 hours but still satisfied with the result of this CD, 9 shiny Ralts with the 1st one caught 3 minutes into the CD hours, 1 shiny Diglett (my 5th full odd wild catch), and 3 more Rayquaza candy.

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I was worrying this CD would go as bad as or even worse than the last one (Mudkip). Instead, I didn’t have to worry. This was one of the better Community Days for me. Got 7 Shinies and a Shiny Pidgey in the last 16 minutes. The Shinies all have bad IV’s and CP’s. Got two more Gallade and two more Gardevoir. Finally managed to defeat some Team GO Rocket Grunts. And I caught my very first Rayquaza.

You can say it was a good day.


Haven’t herd much discussion on if the Special CD Charge Move of Synchronise as great move to have on either Gardivior or Gallade or both?
Any help appreciated here @Arem1771
I’ve considered changing my Gardivior to all Fairy moves and dumping the CD move for Dazzling Gleam. Not sure if I really will use it but for some reason it just appeals to me more for possible use.

Synchronoise is an all-right move at best. While it’s power is really good, the length of time it takes puts it behind Future Sight as a whole in PvE. Now, in PvP is where it can shine.

Do you mean its damage window is late or cool down time is long?

It has a 2.6-second cooldown, while the damage window is about 1.6 seconds.

In short, it improves Gallade as a Psychic-type attacker, but doesn’t help Gardevoir all that much since it can do more with Charm and Dazzling Gleam against Fighting-types.

Hubby and me weren’t able to play a lot this time due to a wedding we were invited to… It was in our town though, and we were able to sneak away for some time after the first meal to take a short walk.
I managed to find one bad IV shiny which was all I was asking for under these circumstances. I can now at least trade for them cheaply…
I also evolved my Gardevoir and Gallade for the CD move and picked up one of the Ralts eggs (I don’t like that idea…).

PvP: no idea.
Raids and gym battles: not great, on both pokemon. There are mich better options for Psychic attackers. Mewtwo, Alakazam, Azelf and Espeon are all better options.

Got a total of 13 shinies and built a 91% shiny Gardevoir and a 84% shiny Gallade for the collection. Also a 84% shiny Kirlia and kept the rest as Ralts.
I have been swearing on CD even after 6 shiny Ralts: all 6 were female…

So I play the game with my 2 sons and my son’s best friend and this month 1 of my son’s got 1 shiny and nothing for nobody else. Huge let down considering we can usually get 2 or 3 on each account.

On top of that ralts was much harder to catch this time round, often taking up to 6 balls and several berries.

Feel severely let down.