Post Your Non-Shiny Catches - Post your GK breloom

Post your Grass Knot breloom

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That aint seed Bomb🤔

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Seed Bomb?

I’m waiting until last day to evolve my GN Brelooms. Got tons of candy.


Same to me, I’m waiting. Maybe appear a 100IV…

Not that they will really be any good. I’ll probably slaughter them at a gym.

Got a nice 96%

None of my Shroomish are over 80% right now, but I don’t care because even if they were, I’d probably never use those Brelooms.


I have not evolved any Shroomish yet, hope to catch high IV and weather boosted ones as I am not kind of willing to invest stardust on them


Is that how you can get a higher IV percent?

With weather? Yes, the lowest possible IV becomes 5 instead of 0
And it gains 5 more levels


When is last day to evolve those? Got bunch of Shroomish and tons of candy. No good Shroomish though.

How is that? I don’t have clear knowledge about the weather’s effect in Pokemon’s stats. Please enlightened me…

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When a Pokemon is spawned, its stats for Trainers of level 30 and up are generated
If you are lower, then its randomised just for you, trainers with 30 and above have the same (if we both catch a Shroomish at the same location at the same time and you have 30+, we will have the same IVs

IVs range from 0-15 in each stat, but if the Pokemon gets weather boosted (winds around it) the IVs get rerolled, this time with a range of 5-15
Also, a wild Pokemon can only have level 30 at max (and they spawn at levels with integers, you cant catch anything at x.5) but if its boosted, its minimal level becomes 6 and maximum becomes 35


How would I know if I am catching a weather boosted one? The only thing I noticed is that some pokemons have something like a cloud during catching. The next one is in the stat view where the 2 moves either have both or just one of it has also a cloud on it. :grin:

Thanks for the explanation, I am now getting some of it, still need more time and actual exposure to it in-game…

They have icon of the weather next to their name
And moves get boosted as well, dealing 120% the normal damage if you have that icon next to them


A pokemon has this if you catch it when it is boosted
a pokemon will not always be boosted but it will always have 5-15 IV
But the type bonus is whenever a Pokemon is boosted

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