Post your Nincada / Ninjask

Nincada and Ninjask are available from the catch 5 bug pokemon task.


I’d like to show mine, but I even haven’t find the quest :frowning:


Same :frowning:

The Quests are not easy to find. Im lucky we’ve got a good Discord Community that’s tagging them. Went and got 2 tagged and found one myself yesterday.
Set as my Buddy now. No Rare Candy will be wasted on this. Quests, walking and Pinaps only for me. Sux not being able to Trade as that’s a good source of picking up extra Candy from the rubbish ones.


I am about to get my second Nincada.


Got it

Had the task finally show up by my home the other night! :slight_smile:

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I’ve found a few of the quests now. Nothing great for me but a family member has a 100%er :unamused:


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Last day and I still wasn’t able to find the quest anywhere… It feels like a déja-vu of the first Spinda form…
Making a Pokémon quest exclusive, OK… but a person checking 20-30 stops daily for a month should be able to obtain at least one. I mean… I got more full-odds shinies this month than Nincada…