Post your mewtwo

Post your mewtwo.

Only MewTwo


Congrats to you on that! I have my 5th Mewtwo raid on Friday (2 have run away because i’m that lucky😔) so i’ll post one afterwards

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Here’s my Mewtwo squad.
Jokes aside, I think I can catch it very soon now.


I have another 3 but those are in the 2nd page :grin:

I’m ashamed of my terrible collection after 13 successful catchs and 1 fail.
No good ones worthy of posting.
I’ll not be able to attend my second one in a row this Friday and 4th one in the last 3 months.
If our Raid group is successful with another new Gym this week in getting the late time by only Raiding after 5pm I’ll be ok. If it gets the default 1pm that will be 3 weeks in a row I miss.


Amazing luck so far to have 17 EX raid passes. None the past few weeks because I haven’t really been raiding but hopefully I’ll get one with higher IVs than 91%.

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4 tries, 4 catches, 2 in bag, this is the only one worth keeping and developing, so far. Next EX invite tomorrow at 4pm.


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Yay, got another invite


I am crying right now.


Hopefully the ultra bonus will give it otherwise I will never get it until probably 3-5 years from now

Been lucky. But less than nothing compared to what 5GodLink and Pokohunter1991 have amassed.

I just caught the golden child of all Mewtwo, 96% with 15 attack




Who is the winner of the most Mewtwo so far?

If you transferred a mewtwo you’re dumb

It would behoove you to find more constructive ways to express your opinions.

The fact of the matter is up to the point where trading was available, if you had powered up one or more with good IVs and were doing the right things to trigger EX raids and get passes there was little or no point to keep dozens of Mewtwo with bad IVs. It is more rare than other legendaries but at the end of the day bad is bad regardless.


I fail to see how it’s dumb to transfer MewTwo or any Pokemon that doesn’t have a constructive use in the game.
Unless you’ve got great IV’s and Power them up and use for battles, MewTwo are just as useless as everything thing else that’s not the best of it’s type beyond 1 for collection purpose.

Collection space is not unlimited. Junk has to go to the Candy Grinder.