Post your Latios

Post your

1st raid
1st ball


U forgot to pinap​:sob::sob::sob:


Used golden

edit - now that i have it ill pinap the rest even if shiny, gotchu.


Shiny is 100 percent catch rate


First Latios encounter.

Solar Beam hurts like a mutha, but Yanmega is a champ.


Generally it is, but it occasionally glitches and you have try to catch it. It’s rare but I’ve encounteted it 3 times.


Did you fail to catch any of those, though, @Thorend? My shiny Kyogre played hard to get until the last ball.


My first was a shiny Articuno, it ran on me. My second was a shiny Gengar, it took a couple golden razz and if stayed in its home. The third was a shiny Kyogre, I caught it in 4 or 5 balls using golden razz after it broke out the first throw.


When my raid boss Kyogre came up shiny, one of the most experienced players in our raid group told me that it wasn’t guaranteed to be the first throw, but that it was a guaranteed catch eventually, so to keep using pineaps.

Having a shiny boss run away like happened to @Thorend would probably leave me feeling gypped at least as bitterly as having the net flake out and just end the capture stage when I had over half a dozen balls left to throw.

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Every single legendary Shiny I have encountered was always caught with the first ball that landed the throw no matter what type of throw.

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That’s why you use at least some dragons
And yes, shiny legends have a 100% catchrate unless you get softbanned in the meantime

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This happens when you break the speedcap. Downside of speed raiding with a vehicle if you start driving as soon as you defeated it (or even sooner).
If youre stationary, its 100% catchrate.

Just got my shiny 2 hours ago, on the 7th try. So no more pressure there. Its bad IV, but i already have an appointment with a friend to trade it was were lucky :slight_smile:

I don’t use Dragons mainly because of Dragon Claw. My team is set the way I want it to best face all movesets as much as possible. Dragon Claw is just too devastating to many Dragons to be that effective.

I use Dark-types to handle the Psychic-type moves, Bug-types to handle Solar Beam (one is a Steel-type to handle both Solar Beam and all Dragon and Psychic-type moves). Overall, the TDO/DPS spread is the most balanced to my liking with the team I’m using.

There isn’t much you can do against weather-boosted Solar Beam and still prevent Dragon-type weaknesses. I don’t switch my teams out of the wazoo because of how impatient my raid parties can be, so I have to commit to one party.

Got weather boosted today!


Sweet boost there, @bobbyjack8 !


Yep. That will be the one I Power up.

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Well, its CP is good; but how are the IV and moveset?

77% so I probably won’t power up

IVs don’t matter power him up

If youre gonna power him up IV is all that matters…