Post your Battle Girl & Ace Trainer medals

Why it’s called “battle girl” remains a mystery to me…but here’s mine :slight_smile:

Battle 13,017
Train 908
ummm… i live in deep enemy territories. lots of gym tear downs, little opportunity to train…

If I compare myself with my teammates around me, I’m pretty bad :frowning:

Not at all. I would say that’s a lot of battles. If yours are bad what does that make ours that are lower than yours??

This are my teammates (poc below). So…

It’s all about who you compare yourself with. And when average is around 7-8 by players around me, I’m kinda slow. :frowning:

dont compare yourself with them then.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! The game is not going anywhere for a while do there is time to build those up.

How do you get the training one

Before the gym rework in late june, 2017, gyms had prestige system which dictated how many Pokemon you could put in it
You started at like 2 Pokemon, and could get up to ten
To raise prestige, you had to “train” (take down the gym with your own Pokemon), hence the Ace Trainer medal

you can’t get this medal anymore is what @Necrozmadabest is trying to say :smile:

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Forgot to add that, sorry