Post event blues?!

Anyone else get the post Pokémon go event blues?

I mean, I was hunting hard for rock type mon this last week. Trying to walk as much as I could (even with sprained ankle), and trying to find that elusive larvitar.

Now that it’s back to normal, I’m like crap now what? Wait for the next event and nest change.

Go back to catching my pigeys and such…

What plans do you all have?

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Just having a few days break and recharge some energy.
The only problem I have now is many exciting evolution dex fillers needed to happen: blissey, tyranitar & ampharos. Almost 2 evolution chains with a second shot at golem, machamp & alakazam. Dex Sunflora & kingra. But still waiting for the gym rework update. And still yet hearing anything from Niantic so this is frustrating for me hahaha. Other than that chilling is awesome today cuz I’m too exhausted from the event.

Bring on the next event already!

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I got the blues as well. The game as it is at the moment is becoming a bit boring. Only the events cheer it up. I totally agree with Dorofo!


I was hoping for the gym rework to follow… oh well back to the exp grind

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Not enough larvitars for a tyranitar! Didn’t walk my buddy enough to evolve anything new into my pokedex. Just saving my dust and rock evolutions for the gym rework. I hope it comes out really soon, like today!

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I agree, rock types were pretty uncommon so this event was great for me. Before this event, I had only hatched one onix and one aerodactyl (both during eggstravaganza) and never seen either in the wild. After this event I have caught 19 wild onix and 3 aerodactyl. I also added a pokedex shuckle and a few wild larvitar (also first time wild catches for me), so it made the game much more exciting.

Geodudes and rhyhorn are also both uncommon for me so getting so much candy from them has been great also.

Today has been awful, I think the rarest thing was a chinchou.


This may another rock type event will start so dont worry.