Post AR photos from Community Day!

Today was Charmander community day. Although i was sceptical at the beginning, i realised, that Charmander was actually really good choice! So, here are my AR photos of my Community Day!
(again, 1 MB limit)

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Wow, I like this. I’ve tried several times to make this fotos, but everytime I try to use AR the app says, that it’s not posible to detect the position of the phone… (it’s a Huawei P9 Lite) Any idea?

Why not in an elevator😆

lol good idea

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128 Charmanders (4 Shiny) 1 Shiny Swablu and hatched a perfect onix , Id say my community day was allright!, only one bad thing, i forgot to evolve one of my charmanderrs to get the new cool blast burn move ;(


feels bad

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