Porygon should be moved back to the 5K Eggs, is too common in 10K eggs

A lot of people have been complaining that Sudowoodo is too common in 10K eggs, I wouldn’t mind seeing them at this rate! The past 20 10K eggs I’ve hatched, 14 of them have been Porygon. I almost have 400 Porygon candy, and this is getting stupid, just move them back to the 5k Eggs, or make them extremely rare in 10k eggs

Be happy with your 400 candy, make a extreme powerfull porygon 2 and evolve it to Z if it is released

I don’t need 400 candy, at most I would need 150, I already have 2 Porygon 2, both over 1700 CP

Just wait for PorygonZ, he maxes out at 3062 And will be an insanely good attacker

But that doesn’t change the fact every other 10k egg I Get is Porygon, he might be good in gen 4, but he’s trash rn, so he should just go back to being rare in the 5k eggs

The one that really should move is Sableye. I think that Porygon deserves to be there but he just needs to be a bit rarer, that’s all.

I would love to hatch a sableye at this point, I’ve seen NONE, all I see are Porygon and Mareep

Really? I thought that they were just uncommon. I guess that’s just the biome I live in.

Haven’t hatched a single one

Not sure where you are from…
I am a level 35 player.
I have never seen a Porygon in the wild and I have never hatched one.
The only 3 I have ever caught were from raids - Porygon 2 is the only gen 2 I do not have.