(POLL) Which item would you most like to get if they added it to pokestops?

If you got to choose three of the following items to add to pokestops in the way shown below which would they be?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]

  • Incense (7d only, maybe 2 or 3)
  • Lure module (7d only)
  • Lucky Egg (7d only, maybe 2)
  • Incubator (1 use) (day streaks)
  • Super Incubator (1 use) (7d only)
  • Gold razz berries (Max potion rarity)
  • Rare candy (Max potion rarity)
  • Premium raid pass (day streaks)
  • Fast TM (7d only)
  • Charged TM (7d only)
    7d = 7 day pokestops streak
    Max potion rarity = As rare as max potions.
    Day streaks = any day streak pokestops.

Anything at this point. The evo items I have are so stale… Like seriously I am surprised they haven’t added more item options for the rare pulls and seven day pulls. This will change soon I bet. I like the idea of TMs and Incubator. Even Rare Candy is a great idea. I just groan everytime I get Sunstone and Metalcoat

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