[POLL]Pokémon GO Trainer type

  • Elite
  • Leader
  • Hardcore
  • Pro
  • Noob
  • Niantic

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It might be nice to specify the meaning of each option behind the option :slight_smile:


Vote how your type is.

whats better elite or hardcore🧐 need more detail.

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Say how you feel.

ill go with answer i gave here. Pretty much same exact poll.

Really,whats the problem…:man_shrugging:

Hardcore has many meanings🤷🏾‍♂️ is elite hardcore? or is hardcore more idk idk

Hardcore is something else

Might need more then 1 option.

Depends, very casual right now (barely ever do quests) used to be hardcore during great raids and Mew quests

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My exact statements. I was going hard for celebi. Then ho oh. Now i barely open the app, once Gen 4 comes ill be on my normale hardcore rampage. but for now i can rest at the elite 4 lounge(is that still a thing?)

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Here are my definitions to help you choose which type of trainer you are:
Noob - beginner, someone who never played any Pokemon games before Pokemon GO, who knows nothing about type advantage, IVs, who doesn’t know what to evolve and when to use stardust.
Hardcore - someone who plays the game every day for many hours, who has a goal and works hard to achieve it, he/she is focused on some aspects of the game that he/she finds important (raiding, collecting good IV Pokemon, collecting shiny Pokemon, catching every legendary Pokemon, completing the Pokedex, having over 1 million stardust, reaching level 40 as fast as possible).
Pro - someone who is a master of all the aspects of the game, who has all the legendaries, shinies, who completed the Pokedex (including regionals), who is level 40, who has maxed out 100% IV Pokemon and high IV meta relevant Pokemon, who has all the medals gold, who has been to several events around the world and has every Unown.
Elite - someone who is interested only in high IV and meta relevant Pokemon and who transfers everything else, who is proud of his/her collection, who has many maxed out Pokemon, who battles gyms/raids solo or with a small group of other elite players.
Leader - someone who knows the game well, who is the highest level player in his/her area, who is an inspiration, guide and role model to other players, who organizes raid groups, who tries to be the very best and catch them all.
Niantic - has two meanings depending on your opinion about them:
good opinion - someone who likes the game and wants to make it better and believes it will be better, who participates in all events, who has a large group of friends to raid and trade with, who is proud of his/her team;
bad opinion - someone who is clueless and who doesn’t understand why the people complain about the game when he/she thinks it’s very nice.

Part elite, part Niantic, part I-dont-care
The complaining of players sometimes gets a bit ridiculous tbh


what does “Niantic” mean?

Like a leader of all cities