[POLL] Eggstravaganza: Shiny Cleffa/Togepi?

Some rumours are going on that shiny Cleffa will be added in case of the Eggstravaganza event, but some people say it will be Togepi who will be shiny. What do you guys think?

    1. Niantic won’t add a shiny Pokémon in case of the event.
    1. Cleffa and his evolutions will become shiny.
    1. Togepi and Togetic will become shiny.
    1. An other Specie will become shiny.

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I feel like they will definitely bring out a shiny, but no idea what it will be. Shiny Togepi would definitely be my preference.

Togepi is another Pokémon with a barely discernible shiny, cleffa and tyrogue are the only two babies that are easily identifiable I would say.

Just a question, but why do so many people think that Niantic isn’t going to add a shiny? Because they have added loads of them recently, I don’t get it.

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People are setting expectations low so that they can be surprised instead of disappointed. This is Niantic we’re talking about after all!


They are going to save Shinys for Community days, next gen roll outs, and rereleases of Legendaries.

I just think Togetic is a cool Pokemon, that’s why I’d like the shiny version.

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But neither of the babies is from a new gen or a legendary
And we are pretty much going to have Bulba, Charmander and Squirtle as next CD Pokemon, doubt they are ever going to go with these babies

I think the most are confirmed, togepi+, magby+ and isso+

Neither of them are confirmed, but Niantic added shiny Togepi, Togetic, Magby, Magmar and Wobbuffet sprite. Wynaut isn’t certain yet.

Edit: But there’s just a good chance that Niantic add them


Shiny Wynaut has been added when Gen3 was added, so I am sure if shiny Wobbufet comes out, so will Wynaut.

What are the shinies??

Magby, wynaut and togepi

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