Poll - Do You Sync Your Streaks?

In Pokémon Go there are are tasks that will give rewards for streaks. Namely they are catching Pokémon 7 days in a row, spinning a Pokéstop 7 days in a row. There is also the research but that isn’t necessarily ‘in a row’ as you can miss a day.

I currently have them all synced. So I can tell by looking at my research how far along I am. Am I the only one?

  • Yes - I keep it all synced
  • No - I don’t mind it not being synced
  • I try to but sometimes it breaks

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I always try to sync, but sometimes things happen and they get out of sync. My OCD wants them synced again but that means skipping a whole day to sync them again… not willing to let that exp from 1 day (which isn’t that much anymore) go

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I did once, but somehow I missed a day on spinning a stop and now they’re a day apart.

Yeah, my 7 day stop is on Saturday and my 7 day research is on Tuesday.

my 7 day catch and spin are synced since day 1, research breakthrough however not.
And since 7 day catch and research both give stardust it would be awesome to sync that but skipping a full day of catching to reset it is a waste, so it’s just gonna be that way.

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I got my Pokemon and spin synced, but research is a day earlier and don’t wanna mis a full day of researches to get it synced again.

he, you have research a day behind, that is doable. I have spin and catch on monday and research on friday, only way to sync that is not playing on a friday while i have a quest ready. Still, in your situation i wouldn’t sync either:)

Maybe, but then I would sync the whole bunch on a saturday or something. I now have my research breakthrough on thursday, while having my 7-day streaks for Pokemon and spins on friday.

I would love to have them in-sync, even if only to have fewer things to keep track of. But real life tends to have variability that is not always possible to keep from affecting the game play. And when one or another streak falls out of sync, getting back into sync means stopping all play for a whole day - no catch, no spin, no raid, no trade, no gifts, etc. It also means deliberately stopping another streak (or more).

Too difficult to force streaks to stay in sync, so I stopped trying awhile ago.

Yeah, my 7 day stamp, 7 day stop, and 7 day catch streak all fall on different day.

I don’t streak my sinks, either. Neither do I soak my steaks. (But I do tend to stink my socks…)

Sorry for giving in to the momentary urge to be silly. Now, on to the serious business of the day, with Pokémon hunting to look forward to after work.

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