[POLL] Curve or Straight Throw?

I always throw Curve balls to Pokémon.
How about you?

    1. I always throw Curve balls.
    1. I always Straight Throws.
    1. Sometimes, I use curve, sometimes I throw straight.

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I’m just curious.

For big and slow I use curved . For fast and small I use straight

Always curved. Since you more or less need it to get a catch rate better than “completely terrible” on Legendaries, I see all other Pokémon as practice targets for curved balls. Not that my skill improves much from all the practice, but it’s better than nothing.

I normally curve just only somethings have one hand and phone is on stand about fall of so just go straight. Curve when good Pokémon or any raid

When i try to throw straight it curves to either side and misses, so works better to control the curve.

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I always use curve balls, rarely use straight throws unless I’m secretly playing at work then I just throw it straight and as fast as I can lol.

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I can’t even throw straight balls anymore

Curve is easier i find.

Only exception is stuff like weedle, it’s too close to get a good curveball so I just flick it 12 inches.

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