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Post battle victories.
Post defending victories.
Post gym victories.

Blissy @ work

My two top gold medals:


This is my top medal is

But i have battled gyms only 2722 times


i have visited this gym once

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@5GodLink, it seems to me that the number of wins on the defensive Pokémon, for example Blissey is somewhat misleading, say if my Machamp starts the battle with Blissey and flees, her number of wins automatically increase by one. She is not technically beating my Machamp tho.

If you run you lose a battle tho. Not always does the number go up.

Really? How?

I have backed out and numbers dont go up

defending victories == offensive victories

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One time I saw my Blissey’s win goes up from 0 to 10 like within 10 mins at the gym. But it is sad tho that the only way to know the number of wins is when they are about to start battle.

And should be more accurate, leaving shouldnt count as a win

Yes :joy:

Yes, the attacking Pokémon leaving the battle should not count as a win by the defending Pokémon

Legacy medal. Really happy i got this gold before they changed the gym system.


The training feature was at a time when I was too weak to relay use it, so I’m stuck on bronze :sob::cry:


when this new system popped up I had my Meganium in a gym for 6 days

I never gym battled in the original battle system. From lvl 1-24 i hardly ever battled in gyms. back then was savage times… fight multiple blissy back to back :face_with_monocle: I didnt have the tanks i have now back then.

Would be fun to take the challenge now.


Elite 4 theme almost, since its back to back any pokemon.

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Yes :+1:.

Really annoying, people brag that they beat me (they saw their pokemon got a victory when it returned)

It could be that other trainers started to battle and left, you are not the only one who could battle

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