Pokestops and the Bag

We should be able to still spin pokestops even if our bag is full. For xp.

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I’m probably wrong, but don’t you still get 25xp for spinning a stop even if your bag is full? Because I’ve done that before and have seen the 25xp pop up under my picture. Only thing I can think of is that my game is lagging and I’m seeing it from the previous stop

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Not sure im always seeing the “bag is full”

if im wrong delete this.

edit- should still get full amount of Xp. Instead of forcing tossing of items.


Not only for XP. It’s also strange we can’t get quests if our bags are full.


didnt notice that 1

If bag is full, we can’t open gift even later on we found out the gift only has stardust.

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Prime example. Stardust should not affect your bag.

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Just emailed niantic.

Tbh this might just be a glitch they never thought of, that no1 complained about and brought to them. Since majority would just toss items.

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You should still be able to get research too

Only when spinning by hand swipe.
Go Plus or Gotcha wont credit you the XP

Sadly I don’t have either of those.

Well i dont care about XP, but not getting quests and gifts just cause your bag is full is annoying yes.

Wont it be great if once in a while, spinning a stop, raiding a gym or sending someone a gift yeilded some pokecoins and TMs/HMs? I mean, evo-items and more items?? Is that all Niantic??

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well niantic replied, dont really…ugh yall take it how yall think. Dont forget this is just 1 person. I believe its just her view and generic reply…let the team really decide cause ugh…i didnt like her reply at all

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Like …LOL… as if i didnt know you get items when you spin…we talking bout Xp.

tries to stay calm okay. No more emailing for a while or topics from me. Time for vacation. :man_facepalming:t4:

I just need the bag to hold more than 10 presents. Right now that is the only thing stopping me from having to pause and distribute multiple times a day.

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You actually wrote them! LOL! Next time write about you wanting to buy a few chests of coins but dont know how to and need assistance. See how they reply!

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Im not really surprised tbh, Niantic is TERIBLE at communicating with pretty much anybody
The best Ive seen them do is when they released a “squirtle squad” Squirtle (and reused the same glasses Pikachu has)

some i guess are better than others. She could of easily checked my account level and realize i know how to get items…

She was patronizing me

Not really, probably just an automated response when you mention stops