PokeStops - 2 different ones?

Guys quick question - why some Stops got circle around Pokestop cube - some doesn`t?

You have pics?

If it has a circle you can spin it, otherwise you’ll have to wait.

Talking about waiting time. I noticed the last couple of days that the time between two spins sometimes is more than 5 minutes. Sometimes 6 or even 7 minutes.

Are you referring to the new blue ring around stops? If so, the ring indicates that you have not yet visited the pokestop.

Here You can see 2 types - I will say that I am at home for at least 20-25minutes now and I did not spin those for at least 4-5 hours.

Well ok - but it is daily/weekly?
What does “visiting” for the 1st time do?

Hmm, I don’t know why they are different then. Thx for posting a pic.

Nothing yet, maybe something in the future.

I just read this in another topic:

‘So we know that we get 50 XP from spinning PokéStops, and 250 XP from spinning PokéStops with rings’

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And I found this (like @DishTR mentioned before):

‘To help you explore new places in the real world, PokéStops you haven’t previously visited will appear surrounded by rings. Once you spin the Photo Disc, the ring will disappear indicating that you’ve explored this location.’


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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

So Niantic encourage Us to explore as wide terrain each day as it is possible.
I am ok with that strategy ^^

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