Pokestop Submission System

When do you think this will arrive?
What do you think of this system?
Do you think it will break the game?
What effect will it have?

My personal opinion:

I think it will come before the end of the year.

I believe it is vital that it works for all players. Rural players with no Pokestops should be able to request one, but people have to care about the game to be able to request. I think it could be a yearly request if you are below level 10, when you hit level 20 it gets lowered to 6 monthly, then level 25 lowers it to 4 monthly, then 30 goes to every 3 months and 35 lowers it to monthly. Level 40 get it weekly.

It won’t break the game.

It will help the rural - urban balance and would allow people to request people to request pokestops in locations where they feel a missed oppertunity for a pokestop has taken place (my town’s biggest park is one of only 2 in the whole town to not have a pokestop)

Hopefully end this month

I hope so

I think not earlier than half June. Probably this summer. Maybe with the first gen 4 species.

1: No idea
2: I welcome any means to get more stops/gyms into the game. Without those (or without enough) players miss alot of the game.
3: No, but if submissions are given to just anyone the submission system will clog up in no time and submissions will be stuck for months waiting to be approved. So the system itself will probably brake itself shortly after implementation. Even if its only given to level 40 players, thats gonna be alot of submissions.
4: Stops and gyms for everyone. Rural will benefit the most actually. Small towns who have few or no high level Ingress players might get relatively speaking alot of new stops/gyms compared to the number they have.
Urban probably already has alot of stops/gyms because theres probably alot more high level Ingress players who have already submitted most notable landmarks.

In both cases a low gym turnover rate might become a problem tough. If theres to many gyms, the only reason to knock others down is the hope that the enemy teams will return the favour…

I would guess the end of the year…think they’ll be busy with go fest and little events for the next few months

Trainer tips did a video about the pogo experience in Morocco and that was eye opening for me about how broken the game is internationally. He wasn’t in an area that is even close to being rural and there were hardly any stops/gyms. Niantic needs to rush the stop submission system because that is terrible. I knew how bad it was for rural players, but this was a fairly urban area.